WoT Q&A – 22nd December 2020

Heute auf Englisch. Die für mich erstaunlichste Info ist im Text unten rot markiert!

WG überlegt anscheinend, ob Sie die Teamgefechte wieder einführen, eventuell im Rahmen eines 7 vs. 7 Modes!

Note: this is a more in depth explanation of the previous one, from the developer stream that happened on 12 December. Didn’t have time to post it until now. More should come the following days. Link to the previous one – HERE.

Battle pass in 2021:
• The battle pass will appear cyclically, as it did now – per quarter. In 2021 we can expect three seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall), with a break in winter. The next battle pass will be started in Spring of 2021.
• The stages of the main path will be three times as long.
• The pass will be divided into three chapters, each of which will focus on a different tank, each of a different class, with the main reward being a 3D style for each of them.
• Another innovation – the 3D style will be available almost instantly, but with progress in the chapters, details will be added to it, and at the completion of a chapter it will be ‘fully detailed’.
• Players will have the choice of picking their prizes.
• Progress points will be acquirable in Ranked Battles, Frontline, and Steel Hunter.
• Progress points will be acquirable in daily missions.
• The pass will have new equipment types.
• It’s possible that LTs will be main tanks one day.

New branches in 2021:
• Italian heavy tanks with a modified auto reloading mechanism, which was already announced, and tested, and Czechoslovak heavy tanks.
• The UI for the new Italian HT mechanic will still be tweaked.
• Italian MTs won’t have the same mechanic as the HTs.
• Czechoslovak HT gameplay will be focused on armor. These vehicles will be interesting. In the nearest time, the ST will have the tier VII premium introduced, from which we’ll start the work on the branch.
• The aforementioned tank will have a standard reload mechanism.

Sandbox 2021:
• 2021 will bring a lot of changes on the Sandbox server, especially in the first half of the year. However, during the end of this Winter we plan to start the first iteration (arty changes, HE changes, Crew 2.0).

• Work is in progress on a blueprint converter, which will allow converting them into ones that interest us.
• Blueprints will be usable as currency in one of the future events, and if the idea gets approval, it’s possible it might appear cyclically, or maybe even get implemented permanently.

Frontline and Steel Hunter in 2021:
• The Steel Hunter mode will be the first to be ran in the first half of the new year, since we need a few more fixes for the Frontline mode.
• The approach will be like before – modes will be ran once per month.
• A spectator mode will be enabled in Steel Hunter, which will enable one to see the battle, with free camera, to the end.
• We will work on Steel Hunter replays.
• Some Steel Hunter vehicles will get rebalanced.
• We plan a lot of serious changes for Frontline, but it’s too early to talk about them. Some of those decisions haven’t even been made yet, thus the mode will start late.

Black market 2021:
• No comment.

Bond shop:
• Changes will be made. We try to make updates to it bi-yearly. We will add more interesting goods.

Map changes in 2021:
• We’re trying to add one new map bi-yearly. Of course we will see two new maps in 2021.
• We generally want to change the approach as to how new locations appear in the game. If everything goes well, we will add a mode in which everyone will be able to take a look and test new maps at the prototype stage. It will include voting, and sending your opinions. It will help narrow down work to those maps which the community chose.

Balance in 2021:
• After the nerf of the wheeled vehicles they got visibly weaker, since the average damage per battle dropped by about 20%, and their survivability dropped too. Thus, we think the situation with them is now stable, and more adequate. There are currently no more plans to nerf them anymore.
• We don’t have specific plans to which vehicles need a nerf. We might look at the AMX Chasseur de chars first, which might need a small buff.
• After nerving the Progetto M40 mod. 65, the players still play this vehicle. In ranked, it’s still in the first three. We still remember when we discussed a nerf, and all the clamoring about how ‘the tank was killed’ by us. Nobody killed anyone, the tank got more balanced toward its role in battle.

Will Team Battles ever return?
• Maybe, although we’re now thinking about a 7×7 mode.

Tier XI and XII standard tanks?
• The answer to this question is fairly difficult – yes, but actually no. No, but yes. There are plans towards that. We will look into it in 2021, but only internally, without any tests or announcements. We don’t plan to introduce tier XI, but there are plans to do something with a certain technological advancement…

• No plans as of now to improve the communication system in the first half of 2021.
• Personal missions 3.0 – not yet.
• Equipment 2.0 – judging by the statistics, the number of possibilities rose.
• 200 big boxes and no tier VIII? Simply impossible, such people should contact us.
• Sorry to say, but no voice chat changes in 2021 (quality, interface, chat, channels, blacklist). There were some plans though.
• In 2021 we’ll slightly change the mode selection interface.
• Lootboxes won’t be implemented permanently.
• Tier IX prems? No comment. What, when, and how, we’ll announce when the time comes.

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